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We believe the walls around you should represent your story - the experiences that stir your soul.

SoulTiles' mission is to get photos out of your devices and allow them to inspire your everyday living. Our rally cry is to “free the photos!”

So, we did.

We print SoulTiles onto high-quality glass to bring the

art of your life experiences to your walls.

We hope that when you catch a glimpse of your SoulTiles as you run out the door or sit down to dinner, they speak to your joy and legacy. We love that we get to be a part of highlighting your unique soul story! 

SoulTiles sold exclusively at:


A group of friends who love art and wanted to make tangible products, specifically, art on glass, created SoulFine. This startup partners with artists and photographers around the world; from those who show in high-end galleries to TikTok newbies.


SoulFine's goal is to showcase authenticity and diversity – in culture, style, and perspective. We believe diversity challenges, heals, and expands us. And leading authentic lives is a constant pursuit.

We aim to build a vast artist community and help facilitate exposure and sales for artists locally and internationally. We highlight their work and their individual stories.

SoulFine is honored to act as a liaison in connecting artists to consumers. Art is life and we’re here for it!

SoulFine products sold at:

SoulFine Art on Glass.jpg

Life can feel a little dicey and, dare we say, chaotic these days.  We're going to completely ignore that fact and seek out the good. The fun. The joy.

JoyRide Home Decor is all about showcasing a little whimsy in your life and in your home.


We've got coasters that claim Minnesota is better than Wisconsin, wood blocks fully supporting the plant hoarder lifestyle and a few items that accurately speak to the angst of seeing family over the holidays.  

JoyRide carries wood blocks and plaques, glass tiles, ornaments, and coasters featuring word art, designs, and photographs. New items appear every few weeks, keeping it fresh and fun.

JoyRide products sold at:


Elanze Designs is dedicated to accenting your home beautifully with unique home décor, candle warmers, diffusers, mugs, pillows, clothing, and more! It is our hope to provide a vast line of products perfect for your everyday style, or as a unique gift bringing inspiration and encouragement into your home.

Elanze products sold at:


PS Made For You is not your average wholesale brand. We specialize in offering gift and decor products that truly reflect the communities that retailers serve. Our secret? Leveraging cutting-edge technology to rapidly transform designs into high-quality consumer products. This means that we're able to offer independent retailers targeted and localized products that perfectly capture the unique spirit of their communities. When you partner with us, you can trust that you're getting top-quality products that are custom-tailored to meet the needs of your store and customers.

PS Made For You products sold at:

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