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our story.

Breaking the Production Mold

While operating a large gift and home décor company for 15 years, I was witness to a procedure replicated across the industry. Our product development process relied on a talented team of designers and trendsetters to select art which would be applied to our products and offered for sale to our thousands of retailers. I saw countless amazing designs come across the table only to see most rejected for sake of inventory appetite or catalog size. Key account presentations went much in the same way, and only a small portion of products would be selected for the coveted shelves of the nation’s largest retailers. 

All these rejected designs and thousands of hours of work were filed away - most never utilized.  It was distressing to see so much talent wasted, and creative output kept from the market.

I also continued to question why we were making so many artistic choices on behalf of the consumer, assuming we knew what they wanted. There had to be a better way to produce content that lets the consumer decide with all the choices in front of them.

So we created PrintSwift, where content creators have an opportunity for all their work to match up with niche markets eager for niche designs. An artists' work isn't shelved but, instead, finds the people who will love and connect to it. 

How is this possible?

PrintSwift renders designs into products (complete with mockup photography and listing content), lists these products for sale across the major marketplaces, and fulfills orders direct to the customer. Our platform allows brands and artists alike to get their work out to the world without complication, excessive labor, or even carrying inventory. It’s a complete solution. 


The best part is there is no one limiting access to designs to reach customers. Consumers ultimately decide success with their wallets. 


We’ve created an incredibly automated software platform, developed dozens of products to render your designs on, and built an efficient and scalable production and distribution facility. Your creative content is valued and the consumer will receive quick service, quality products, with an eco-friendly approach. It’s a large production operation specifically designed to serve individual consumers.

Let us help you get more opportunities out of your designs.

Joe Knutson

Founder / President

Image by Bank Phrom

our team.


Joe Knutson 

Founder / President


Scott Nussbaum

Founder / VP of Finance & Operations

Lauren Head Shot.jpg

Lauren Gorz

Director of Sales


Deann Feltz



Laurel Naylor

Graphic Artist

our culture.

In the same way we want to serve the individual in business, we incorporate a company culture that encourages the individual to meet their creative, work, and personal needs. Flexibility is baked in.


We honor families, schedules, and down time necessary to keep us mentally happy and fulfilled. We encourage input for better processes, improved communication, and brainstorming wildly lofty goals and ideas. We embrace evolution and fresh perspectives.

We value remote work because it has served us so well. Stretching time zones and international borders is all

good. Our jobs should, the majority of the time, excite us and utilize our skills and gifts. We seek out diversity

and education of all kinds. We value and trust each other.

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